Saturday, 9 February 2013

How to Tell If Your Beauty Products Are Expired

Here are a few tips I have learnt to help you work out if your beauty products (or even chemicals) need to be tossed. Using out-dated products can cause all kinds of nasty problems, mainly infections. This is particularly important for items like mascara which can cause serious infections within the eyes.


Some beauty products will have a picture (see below) on the back indicating the expiry. This picture below tells us the product will expire 12 months after first opening.

If your product doesn't have an expiry, use a permanent marker to write the opening date on the product. As a general rule, make up should be discarded as follows:
  • MASCARA - 3 months. If the mascara dries out, toss it earlier. Do not add fluid to it.
  • EYE PENCILS - Up to 2 years. Sharpening is the best way to keep these clean.
  • EYE SHADOWS - Generally 2 years, but most eye shadow should be able to last longer if you keep your applicators clean and store the shadow appropriately.
  • LIP STICKS/PENCILS - Generally 2 years as well, but sharpen pencils before use.
  • BLUSHES/POWDERS - Cream blushes should be discarded after 1 year and powder 2 years.
  • CONCEALERS/FOUNDATIONS - 1 year unless the product has dried up, in which case it should be discarded immediately.
TIP* If you have had an eye infection, cold sores or any type of open wound on your face - discard any beauty products you have used in those areas at the time. Make up is notorious for transferring infections. It can not only contain large amounts of bacteria, but it provides a lovely environment for the bacteria to grow and multiply.


Makeup applicators should be cleaned on a regular basis. If you use makeup regularly - aim to cleanse your applicators at least once a fortnight, preferably once a week.While there are several fancy and expensive products on the market, these are unnecessary.
  1. Put your applicators under running warm water. (Soaking may weaken and destroy them)
  2. Use mild shampoo, baby shampoo, liquid soap or facial cleanser and massage through until all residue is gone and water runs clear.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and if possibly air dry on a clean surface.
  4. For items such as foundation brushes, your can shape these prior to drying.
Best of luck! I leave you with some before/after pictures of a 10 minute bathroom organisation. I hope this inspires you.

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  1. I had no idea about the icon indicating how long a product is good for! Thanks for posting!
    I clicked over from the link up at Or So She Says.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad the info has helped you xx