Monday, 18 February 2013

Remove Clutter - Before It Arrives!

Do you like to shop? Do you often buy new clothes or household items? Something for the kitchen? Another book to read? Well listen up because this one is for you! Lets look at how remove clutter, before it even arrives!


So you like to shop, love the feeling of new clothes, decor or making over a room. That's awesome! The only problem is, as you buy an item, it gets added to all the items you already have and can result into an out of control clutter problem.

The Trick

Here is the ultimate 'trick' to remove that clutter before it even arrives. Buy something, throw something. Now by throw, I don't mean it has to be tossed in the garbage. An item can be sold/donated as well. Lets put this into a scenario. If you go out shopping and buy a new top - awesome! But before trying to find room for it, find a top you haven't worn in 2 years, take it out and replace it with your new top. If you buy a new book to read, find a book that you have already read and won't read again and replace it with your new book.

If you are donating the item, you should try to do so the next time you go out. If you need to recycle it or trash it, then do so appropriately. If you plan on selling the item use a site like eBay or even social networking. Sites such as Facebook usually have a 'buy, swap, sell' site for your local area so check it out.

The aim is to buy something, throw something... do not hold onto it in another cupboard, in the to-do pile or garage. You are only creating clutter and more problems than necessary.

Start with Less

If you are up for the challenge, how about trying to start with less? It's great to implement the trick and replace items rather than add to the pile - but what's your house look like at the moment? Do you need to purge and get rid of a lot of items before you can truly de-clutter and use the method above? If you're someone who struggles with parting with possessions, try to use the mind-set "if a fire burnt all my possessions, would I replace that?". Be honest with yourself.

If you use this method, I promise the results will be worth it!

*Extra tip: when purging items, check the contents, check the pockets and inside items. You'll be surprised what you may find! (Money? Old chewy? Earrings?)

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