Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Bib Pouch

Welcome to my very first post! I hope to add information to help you, inspire you and make you smile.

I want to share with you a creation I made after my 2nd child was born in 2011. As it came time to get messy and start trying solids - it was common-sense (for me) to place a bib on him every time he ate. As the bibs were located in his chest of drawers in his room, my darling husband occasionally decided that was too far to travel and fed baby minus bib (NO!) plus I was caught out a few times with only the 'going out' bibs remaining and all others in the wash.

So my solution to this was the 'Bib Pouch'! I am still waiting to get professional sewing classes, so don't punish my sewing too much! But I grabbed some left over material from a comforter I had made and created a Bib Pouch to attach to the back of his chair. We have a booster feeding chair that sits on our existing dining chair, but this design can easily be altered to suit a standalone high chair.

I sewed 2 simple rectangles together to create the pouch, added a little label and threaded ribbon through the top to attach it to the chair. In hindsight I would have changed the top to sit more firmly, but you generally get the idea of it's purpose and it has been priceless for us!

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