Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dress Up Your Wall

Due to my husbands employment, we are on the move regularly and are required to live in rentals. This means living with plain and boring white walls. Our dining/family room is quite large and open, yet the overwhelming extent of the 'white walls' felt sterile and uncomfortable.

It was time to dress it up! I used one of the empty walls to create a decorative piece which gave warmth, comfort and gave our home more character. Using 3M removable wall hooks, curtain rods and fringe curtains, I was able to create a feature wall effect - minus the requirement for any paint! A picture in the middle balanced it out and as I love Feng Shui - it is believed it will bring us good luck.

Don't let rentals hold you back from making it your home! I hope to share lots more ideas with you to dress up your rental without a massive repair bill come move out day.

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