Saturday, 19 May 2012

TIPS: Decorating a Rental Pt 1

"I can't make my rental have a wow factor." WRONG! 

So as many of you may have experienced, decorating a rental property inside and out can be quite frustrating due to the never ending rules within your lease. You want to paint something, you want to hang pictures, you want to change their disgusting curtains or even rip up their awful carpet. Don't worry, you're not alone!

I can't change the rules and regulations, but I can certainly give you some ideas to get around them! Here I'll show you a few simple ways to decorate a rental without 'breaking' the property, or your budget!

Balcony Pots for the Railing!
Perfect for an apartment. Available at

Hanging Vegetable Garden
Use guttering to create the perfect vegetable garden. Make them higher if you need to keep them away from little hands or paws

Extra Storage Space
Perfect for those smaller areas that are just wasted space.

DIY Hoop Chandelier
Create this centrepiece chandelier by wrapping fairy lights or even christmas lights around a hoop!

Fabric Wall Coverings
Using fabric to create a feature wall without any need to paint is simply genius. Here are some examples that I really love. You coulkd hang fabric on curtain rods, using 3M removable hooks. Or if it is light even using drawing pins could work. Sky is the limit!

Area Rugs
Area rugs do wonders for unsightly carpets and can make the room appear larger. Always make sure the rug is large enough to go under the front feet of your lounge to create the desired effect.

One of my Own
Here is my favourite wall in my own home. This was a plain white wall in a very large room. The room felt draining with all that white so I dressed it with fringe curtains with a nice centre picture to balance it out. The fringe curtains are on curtain rods held up by 3M removable hooks.

Fake Plants
These add colour and ambiance to any home. No watering required. Just occasionally dust the leaves! No need for dirt to go all over the place, no stains on the floor when you move... they really are a simple but effective way to brighten any home. If you believe in Feng Shui they are also great for good Chi.

I hope some of these ideas have inspired you to create a space in your home that reflects your style, makes you comfortable and most importantly does not damage your rental in the process! Stay tuned for the next installment!


  1. great idea's love them all ;)

  2. that's a great idea, we were always in military housing, it made it difficult to decorate.