Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail! - Eat Clean

Happy Friday!

So I thought I would share with all the busy people out there (is anyone not?) how I attempt to eat clean! Does this have much to with organising? Absolutely! Organisation is the key.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to PLAN. Plan ahead for the week. Whether you work, have children or just always reach for the 'quick fix' solution when your hungry - a plan is going to be your answer!  As they say, FAIL TO PLAN = PLAN TO FAIL!

Everyone's plan will vary depending on time restraints and obligations. For me, I will try to plan my week on a Sunday. I will cook bulk healthy meals such as stir fry's, chicken and veg, salmon salad etc. Portion them into an appropriate meal size (check out Measure Up for educated advice) and freeze them. Put on in the fridge for the next day so you have no excuses.

This week's stir fry. Yum!
If you have children who attend care/school, try making up snacks and lunches on a Sunday. Or if you have a chance, at night time. Vegemite sandwiches are actually awesome frozen and should be thawed out by their lunch time. Check out Eating Well - Kids Lunches for some ideas and recipes.

I would like to suggest that you start off with an easy Meal Plan Template. Try this one from Frugal Living -  Weekly Planner 

You will use the days to plan meals and can use the notes as a shopping list. If you would like more complex Meal Plans, there are so many printable templates available online. Or you could even create your own! I hope this post helps you on a Clean Eating journey. Stay healthy and live life!

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