Thursday, 2 August 2012

I have been.. organising of course!

Hi everyone,

So it's been fairly quiet on the blog because I have been organising! I know, I know.. shouldn't I organise my time so I can blog too? Well to be honest I haven't had anything extraordinary worth posting!

But here is a little bit of what I have been up to:

We gave these away as part of a Life in Order presentation on organisation! Aren't they great! (bought from $2 shop)

Got new boxes for the Xmas gear so it would fit in the bottom of the linen cupboard. It takes up a lot less space now!

All the sets inside the pillow case :)

Hang reusable gifts bags using a hook in the linen/storage cupboard where you store your vacuum/mop/broom.
Organising my linen cupboard - using protective bags for our winter blankets as we won't need them for a while and it ensures they don't get dusty. I like to wash them prior to storage too.
This is 4 x pillows (one European size), 1 x queen electric blanket, 1 x single electric blanket, 1 x queen duvet, 1 x single duvet - Vacuum bags are magical!
Towels folded... until other family members get their hands into it!
On a side note, for my international followers, you may not that I spell organise with an 's'. That is how we spell it over here in Australia! :) Get organising! xx

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  1. Love your work (and especially love the spelling comment!) :)